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Get Your Deposit Back: A Move Out Cleaning Checklist

by cleanhomeclub - November 3, 2018

Get Your Deposit Back: A Move Out Cleaning Checklist


 Let’s face it.

You want to be sure you’ve done a thorough move out cleaning when you’re about to vacate your rented apartment.

If your move out cleaning isn’t thorough enough, you would lose your security deposit. You can follow the requirements when performing your cleaning out. However, if he didn’t provide you with any requirements, you can use the checklist in this guide for inspiration.

But before you start your clean out process, make sure you’ve consulted your lease to determine what is required before you can get back your security deposit.

However, to prevent you from missing out anything, ensure that you’ve packed all your belongings to your new home or store them in a garage.

You can also call your landlord to confirm what he requires of you before you can collect your security deposit.


  •   Wash the windows’ exteriors
  •   Remove any yard decor
  •   Pull any weeds
  •   Mow the lawn
  •   Sweep all outside areas, including the porch, garage, and doorways


  •   Clean and disinfect all counter tops
  •   Clean the fronts and insides of cabinets
  •   Sweep and vacuum behind all appliances
  •   Clean out all appliances, including the oven, the refrigerator, dishwater, and microwave


  •   Clean the mirror
  •   Remove any drawer lines
  •   Clean out bathroom drawers, cabinets and medicine cabinet
  •   Clean the floors using bleach or vinegar
  •   Clean and disinfect the sink and bathroom counter
  •   Clean the bathtub and shower

All rooms

  •   Vacuum air supply and return register and grills. If the filters are dirty, you may consider replacing them
  •   Perform deep cleaning on stained carpets, you may have to hire a professional cleaning company for this purpose to perform a thorough job
  •   Wipe down radiators
  •   Remove all cobwebs
  •   Make sure all the walls are completely free of smudges
  •   Clean all door knobs, outlet covers, light switches, ceiling fixtures and fans (if necessary, replace the bulbs)
  •   Wipe clean baseboards, window trim, door trim, and every door
  •   Make sure all the shelves and rods are clean. Also, empty all built-ins and closets, including drawer lines and the shelves
  •   Sweep and mop all resilient and hardwood flooring. I suggest you do this after cleaning the other places mentioned above

Laundry Area

  •   Where applicable, scrub tile floors
  •   If accessible, clean the vent and empty the lint filter. Then, clean the dryer thoroughly
  •   Clean the washing machine thoroughly, your best option would be a machine cleaning product
  •   Empty and clean thoroughly all cabinets, shelves, and shelf liners, including their knobs and handles


  •   Clear away all the ashes from the fireplace
  •   If your fireplace is made of creosote, your best option to clean it is by using a chimney sweep

Basement and Attic

  •   Mop the basement floor after sweeping it
  •   Vacuum the attic’s floor
  •   Remove all items (used or unused) that you have in the attic and the basement

General Repairs

  •   Ensure that the windows are not only shut securely, they are also shut smoothly
  •   After removing all wall decors, fill up the openings that might have been made by screws or nails

General Cleaning

  •   Dust all surfaces completely and absolutely
  •   If your garage has a drain, empty and sweeps it using a hose
  •   If you have items you won’t be needing at your new place, you can sell them, donate them or trash them


  •   Terminate every utility and cable services you are using. If the landlord permits, these services can be transferred to him
  •   Unless the landlord stipulates otherwise, you should leave some oil in the tank, set the heat at 58 degrees Fahrenheit (this will prevent the pipes from freezing) and leave the water main turned on.
  •   Before you can ask for your security deposit, make sure that the condition you met the house and the condition you are leaving it is the same – you should have proof of this.


If all the cleaning seems like a daunting task, a simple and effective shortcut is to hire a move out cleaning company.

But the question is, how much does a move out cleaning cost? The short answer is, it depends on the company you’ve contracted and the amount of cleaning they have to do.

Want effective cleaning services at competitive rates? We are here at your service,  schedule your move out cleaning today.