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How To Clean Your Apartment Like A Professional

by cleanhomeclub - November 15, 2018


First, you need to know is that clearing clutter and cleaning are different from each other. Most times we tend to mix up the two of them, but this is not the best way to clean.

Hence, before you clean, make sure you’ve cleared all clutter.

If you want to know how to deep clean an apartment just like a professional, here’s a simple 6-step checklist that you can use to clean your apartment:

Step 1: Create A Plan And Stick With It

You can title your plan: “clean apartment checklist”. The truth is, you need to be consistently organized to maintain a clean house. Over time, you will discover that it will take you less time to keep your entire house clean when you have a schedule for cleaning your house every week. If you have not been cleaning your house regularly, you will discover a lot of areas that you haven’t cleaned for a long time.

Step 2: Clean All The Bathrooms First

Spray the bathroom with cleaning products after removing all items from the tubs and showers. Repeat the same thing with the toilets, then, use a brush to perform an initial swish. Make sure you have a trash bag with you where you can empty all the wastebaskets.

Step 3: Clean The Ceilings And Walls… Start From The Top

Start cleaning cobwebs and dust on door jams, in the corners, and on the ceilings. Start from the top and work your way to the baseboards. To wipe off sticky cobwebs, cover your Webster with a cloth before you clean the corners.

While you might use your favorite microfiber mop to clean your walls and ceiling, a better alternative is the “Casabella Everywhere Duster” (you can order this product from Amazon). As you clean the walls and ceilings, don’t forget to clean the fan blades and the light fixtures.

If your light fixtures are full of bugs, it is best you clean two of them per week until you’ve completely cleaned all of them. This is to avoid the cleaning of the light fixtures from taking too much time.

Step 4: Scrub The Bathrooms

After cleaning all the cobwebs and dust, it is time to finish the bathrooms. You can use the “magic reach” tool (available on Amazon) to scrub your tubs and showers. The benefit of using this tool is that it can reach areas that may be out of your reach when you use a broom.

Once you’ve scrubbed the tubs and the showers, do the vanity, and the mirror, polish all fixtures and scrub the sink.

Then, put all items (such as shampoo) back in their proper place.

When you are through with cleaning the bathroom, it is time to clean the toilet. However, make sure you use rubber gloves before you start cleaning the toilet. Also, disinfect the toilet brush after use with a small wastebasket containing a bleaching solution. Use paper towels to clean the outside of the toilet and toilet seats.

Lastly, use a rag rather than a mop to clean the bathroom floors, it is easier and more effective. While you can also use a Swiffer for this purpose, it is usually difficult to clean the tight spaces behind the toilet.

Step 5: Dust

Dust all pieces of furniture from the top. Polish wood surfaces with your preferred oil or wax and remove any small item from the shelves and table tops.

If the lamp has a shade cover, remove the cover, then, clean the lamp itself and don’t forget to dust its underneath. Vacuum clean the cover and use a rag soaked with Windex to dust the knick-knacks to prevent them from being smeared with oil or wax. Occasionally, take off all the books from the shelf and dust each one, but every week, just dust the shelves, the fronts and the tops of the books.

Step 6: Vacuum The Floors

Remove your lamp shades, vacuum them and put them back in position. Then, vacuum your upholstered furniture.

Clean the edges and corners of the floor using the corner tool before you start cleaning the rugs and carpets.

For your moderately dirty tile floors, use a slightly damp microfiber mop to clean it. However, if it is very dirty, your best option is a roller head sponge and bucket.

Your hardwood or laminate should only be cleaned based on the instructions of the manufacturers.


If you still can’t clean your apartment to your satisfaction, I suggest you enlist the help of apartment cleaning services. A simple google search will reveal various cleaning apartment services in your area.

Consider these wise words from Franklin D. Roosevelt: “men are not prisoners of fate, but prisoners of their own minds.”

He was absolutely right.

When you’re looking to achieve some goal (in this case, cleaning your apartment like a professional on a regular basis), there is no outside force that can hold you back.

“Fate” isn’t keeping you.

Strange coincidences and circumstances aren’t keeping you at bay.

And as hard as it is to believe sometimes, not even other people are holding you back – unless you are giving them permission to do so.

The only obstacle is you.

That’s why I encourage you to review the steps and start implementing them right away.

Because the sooner you do, the sooner you’ll have a clean apartment that gives you a feeling of pleasurable satisfaction.