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How You Can Help a Loved One (Senior or Elderly) Keep a Clean House

by cleanhomeclub - November 15, 2018

How You Can Help a Loved One (Senior or Elderly) Keep a Clean House

House cleaning for seniors is a growing challenge. If you’re like a lot of people, you’ve probably wondered why cleaning senior or elderly homes is growing.

Fortunately, however, seniors don’t have to suffer from an unkept and dirty environment once you can help them.

That’s what you’ll learn about in this short guide.

Specifically, you’ll discover the top six techniques you can help your loved one (senior or elderly) keep a clean house.

Keep in mind that there is no wrong time to clean (or declutter) regardless of the time of the season.

So, without further introduction, let’s jump into these techniques…

#1. Write everything you and your senior or elderly loved one would like to get done

Ask your loved one which of the tasks should take precedence, start with that one. Regardless of the number of tasks involved, a checklist will make your plan organized. 

#2. Shake things up

Your loved one won’t be susceptible to injury when he can easily locate and pick the things he needs. As we get older, we might want to rearrange the location of items in the house. The set-up of the kitchen and the closet can be changed to suit your loved one.

Ensure that your elderly loved one can easily locate the items they commonly use. For example, food in the refrigerator, kitchen utensils, and important paperwork. This will make it easy for him to perform their daily tasks.

#3. Create a clean living environment

The ability (or inability) of a senior to take care of himself and his living space indicates whether or not a senior is able to take care of himself.

If your senior’s home and space are not properly maintained, it is proof of social withdrawal and self-neglect. A senior’s health depends largely on the cleanliness of his living environment and a good personal hygiene.

Hence, ensure that your senior maintains himself properly – wears clean clothes and bathe regularly. You may have to hire senior citizen cleaning services when you notice signs that he’s unable to perform his daily tasks. An alternative option is to hire a professional caregiving assistant.

#4. Create a social event out of it

Since seniors appreciate socialization with friends and families, you can help your loved elderly keep a clean house by inviting his grandchildren, siblings and even some of his active friends.

#5. Convince them to get rid of the clutter

While it is not easy for anyone (me, you and especially, seniors) to get rid of items that evoke so much memory, a cluttered home is unsafe and unhealthy for your loved elderly.

Most seniors have a huge collection of items that evoke special memories, hence, it won’t be easy to convince to keep one over the other. However, you must find a way to convince them to throw out some of the items.

An often overlooked way to convince him or her is to remind them of the need to create space for his grandchildren’s artwork and portrait.

Since you’re not trying to get house cleaning help for a disabled, you can ask your loved elderly to perform any of the tasks.

However, if he finds difficult moving around, you can take care of the heavy work, while he sorts through the paperwork.

#6. Ensure that their home is safe

The fire/carbon monoxide detectors and the emergency devices must have fresh batteries. Ensure that they can have easy to an emergency response system and their telephone contains contacts for help, should the need arise.

Also, check his pills to confirm that they’re not expired and he’s taking them regularly.


Now you know how to help your loved elderly keep a clean house.

However, before I leave you to start implementing the techniques, let me share with you one more important tip: Enlist the help of a senior citizen house cleaning services.

To get even better results, you may also want to schedule them to clean his house on a weekly basis.

Go ahead, implement the techniques or hire a senior citizen cleaning services – I believe you’ll like your results!

The sooner you take action, the sooner you can declutter and clean your loved elderly’s house as well as help him maintain a clean environment.